Kalahari Natural Oils

We source and supply exotic new African plant materials and extracts from the wild. Founded in 2006 and is a company registered in Zambia. We operate mainly in the south western part of Zambia which are covered by rich and diverse vegetation associated with the deep Kalahari sands typical of this area. Over the years, we have established relationships with the remote rural communities from whom we source high quality raw materials. Much of the primary production is done by women whom we train in organic harvesting and processing.

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Luano Honey

Here at Luano Honey we love 3 things: 1) Our truly top quality raw honey, that we bring home to our families and eat ourselves. 2) Being 100% Made in Zambia. Our bees and flowers are Zambian, so is processing, packaging and distribution of honey. 3) Supporting rural communities. This feeling of giving economic opportunity to remote rural families is more than any money could buy

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The Anthill Kitchen

The Anthill Kitchen makes green banana flour, a super food. Green banana flour is a prebiotic fibre that strengthens your gut microbiombe and is easily used in gluten free cooking. The healthy baking choice! The Anthill Kitchen strongly believes in their motto: Good Soil Good Food Good Health. Growing crops in good soil, produces good food which ensures your good health

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