Clean beauty brand FONTIS Organic Skinfood brings you Wellness Skincare. Science and phyto actives meet to invigorate your skin, body and senses. Revive dull and lifeless skin by going back to the basics and enjoy skin confidence at any age! Simple, easy, uncomplicated skincare solutions to hydrate, protect and rejuvenate your skin. Experience the calming, uplifting and soothing effects of FONTIS Organic Skinfood botanical fragrances. Your senses will love it!

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The Katavi skin care range is the result of 26 years of research, and is a truly unique collection of skin care products containing natural active extracts from indigenous African plants. The African extracts used in the formulations are ethically and sustainably sourced with rural communities benefiting directly from their sale. The range is formulated with natural ingredients and contains no parabens or harmful chemical ingredients.

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Our mission is simple: to create natural products that nurture, soothe and heal skin and hair with harm-free ingredients from Mother Nature’s pantry. We’re passionate about the quality of our ingredients, and we focus on unique and relatively undiscovered African specialities like Prickly Pear, and under-utilised natural remedies like Papaya and Mango. Our uniquely formulated and handcrafted recipes celebrate Africa’s rich and diverse plant life while keeping you free from harmful and artificial chemicals.

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There is a worldwide move to natural products for use in daily life. South Africa as one of the most bio-diverse counties in the world offers many botanical solutions to help fill that gap. SOZO Natural offers an integrative approach, delivering solutions that are not only functional, but therapeutic too. We support the body naturally with essential oil and natural lipid products for everyday needs to support your health and wellness goals individually or family life. Our current product categories include: Immune Support, Essential Wellness and Active Lifestyle.

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Botanica Natural Products cultivates an indigenous South African plant, Bulbine frutescens, (Asphodelaceae family) to produce specialty organically certified plant extracts. We are dedicated to the discovery and development of useful indigenous plant species for a wide variety of applications. Some of these include cosmetic and dermocosmetic applications. Through our work Botanica promotes the sustainable use of indigenous plant species and shares benefits with local communities.

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We are a small family business which was founded in 1996. We have a gourmet commercial kitchen on the farm where we bottle the finest range of products for the local and overseas market. We specialise in chillies – growing twelve different varieties as well as lemons. At Fynbos Fine Foods all of our products are made from the finest and freshest produce. All natural. We use NO preservatives, NO colourants, NO MSG or pectin (NO ARTIFICIAL ANYTHING) in any of our products.

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Driven by a deep passion for Africa, its people and its ways, Ashanti is a contemporary celebration of traditional craft. All our products are lovingly handmade to the highest quality standards, making every item an authentic one-of-a-kind. It’s no quick process creating the fabric our products are made from. It’s an intricate labour of love, hand-woven from tradition, pride and the incredible artistry of the remote villagers who make it happen.

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At Barrydale Hand Weavers we create high-quality hand-crafted fabrics specialising in homeware. We are a people powered business and we do as much as we possibly can by hand, enabling us to create the greatest number of job opportunities in our community. We actively minimise outsourcing and try to train and develop individual talents from within our business. Our products celebrate the ancient craft of hand weaving and the beauty of the natural materials that we use.

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Established in 1972, Cape Cobra Leathercraft is a third-generation family business that specializes in the design and manufacturing of luxury exotic leather skin handbags and accessories. The brand has manufactured for some of the world’s top international design houses, including Tiffany & Co., Judith Leiber, and Michael Kors Collection. Local artisans intimately handcraft the leather pieces in the heart of Cape Town, using exotic skins sourced from trusted sustainable farms throughout South Africa and the Far East.

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The Herd is inspired by and pays homage to the iconic beading culture pioneered and mastered by Nguni women. Beading as a form of communication has always been a labour of love for which Nguni women have devoted time and energy as a creative proclamation, since time immemorial. Over the years the practice of beading has been whitewashed, taking away its ability to be truly understood for its divine spiritual beauty. The Herd arises out of an effort to bring about a more meaningful and exhaustive appreciation for the practice of beading.

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The Ninevites is a design studio and collaborative platform founded by Nkuli Mlangeni-Berg. We make beautiful things, inventive designs with made-to-be-touched textures. Gorgeous objects that take pride of place in discerning homes. But it’s more than that. We’re telling a story too. Of black culture and unheard voices. Of age-old traditions in a modern context. Of heritage and handmade. Life, culture, collaboration, and inspiration, gathering threads from across the continent and weaving them all into one beautiful story.



At WEEF we believe that leather is timeless. We use the medium to make bold new statements. Our products are born out of love, passion and attention to detail. We pride ourselves on using responsibly sourced leather from sustainable and reputable South African suppliers. All our products are designed and assembled in-house by hand. WEEF currently produces handmade leather skinny ties, bow ties, pocket squares, suspenders and other leather accessories made from the highest quality leather.

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