Mediplants Namibia

MediplantsNamibia was founded in 2016 when 2 women entrepreneurs, that believed in the power of natural medication joined forces to produce some of the most powerful medicinal plants of Southern Africa on 2 plantations in the Namibian deserts, and work with communities to wild harvest others. We produce HOODIA gordonii, SCELETIUM tortuosum, MORINGA oleifera and DEVIL’S CLAW.

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Taneta Investment is a family-owned business based in Namibia. We cold-press marula oil from the marula nuts to bring you our cosmetic marula oil brand, Pure Marula by Taneta. We partner with rural women who collect marula fruits using the traditional knowledge of the Marula tree, that has been passed from generation to generation. A blend of ancient knowledge and modern technology guides our production processes to produce top-quality marula oil.

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CHASE Flavours

Sizzles, CHASE Flavours are divine hot chili sauces inspired by Africa’s Saint Lucian and Namibian roots, for the enjoyment of the discerning chilli lover. Each unique batch is passionately prepared, handcrafted, blended and homemade from the finest chillies the season has to offer. Sizzles hot chilli sauces may vary in heat, depending on which available chilli types make the cut; to live up to the quality and standard the brand is known for.

Elements by Akirina

Elements by Akirina is a young and dynamic company based in Windhoek, Namibia specializing in customized jewellery and accessories. In January 2018, Akirina Tatenda Malunga turned her hobby and love for creating accessories into a business. Elements aims at offering unique and stylish accessories to meet the different style and fashion needs of our clients. We believe in quality products and services and customization allows us to meet the needs of our different clientele

Leon Engelbrecht Design

Leon Engelbrecht Design is a small, Proudly Namibian Design Studio that creates artisan, handcrafted and hand sewn leather goods and provides professional Interior Design Services for private and corporate clients. All leather items are individually handcrafted and sewn by hand using traditional hand tools and methods. Our focus is to sustainably create items and products that last, using only quality materials, and reintroduces you to the maker - so you know where, how and by whose hands your products get made.

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MYEISHA was founded in 2015 with the motivation to value employees, products and customers and to give economically disadvantaged women a chance to take care of themselves and their families. For this reason MYEISHA produces high-quality leather products, mainly handbags, locally in Windhoek, Namibia. In terms of their design and quality, MYEISHA bags can stand their own and are comparable to the market worldwide

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Namibia Craft Centre

Since 1990 the Namibia Craft Centre has been operating in Windhoek specializing in hand made craft, arts and gifts. Our key aim is to promote arts and culture of Namibian artists from varied communities and ethnic groups in rural areas. We showcase jewellery, hand-woven baskets, carpets, silk scarves, wooden objects, textiles and embroidered, as well as leather such as bags and accessories. We support over 4.000 crafters and strive to promote innovation, quality and diversity to provide our visitors with a rich cultural shopping experience.

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