Black Khakhela is a Mozambican Brand, founded by Cármen Miral. All started on her kitchen in 2015 mixing oils for hair and skin after she battled with a disease and lost her hair. She wanted a “natural solution” for her, and she made herself. Now we have a list (11 products) of certify products with natural ingredients and selected organic oils.


Presenting Mozambique’s first luxury body and hair care line. BOM formulations are designed around the unique properties of oilseed and plant species that are part of Mozambique’s forest landscape and from our neighbors across Southern Africa. We are dedicated to building supply chain partnerships that bring real benefits to local communities. Our vision is that BOM products connect rural areas with developed markets, particularly to support economic autonomy for disenfranchised women – the harvesters and traditional custodians of non-timber forest resources


Produtos Meia Tigela, e.i., is a small company created in 2014 by a woman with a strong passion for the Agriculture sector. It is composed by 3 women, who process the fruits brought from the countryside by women traders. The jams produced by the company have the brand name of “Tsokotsa”, a word that means “sweet”, in a local language from the South of the country.


Limpho is a company based in Maputo-Matola Province, Machava km15, founded in 2011 and which started its activity with the aim of positioning itself as a reference in agro-industrial activity in Mozambique. Limpho is an emerging company that first introduced the Xikhaba brand to the market, going back to the origins of the usual name given by Mozambican communities to a peanut-based by-product


MIOMBO was founded to elevate the standard for luxury skincare and home fragrances combining wild harvested ingredients, upcycled glass and skilled craftsmanship. Founder Ana Alecia Lyman spent five years working with artisans and communities to develop partnerships are the foundation of our product lines. MIOMBO is built on the principle that the resources of Mozambique, both natural and human, should be conserved. We are a women-led social enterprise empowering women in Mozambique.

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Woogui is a Mozambican sustainable design brand created in 2008. The brand emerges as a fundamental change in African design narrative where brands begin actively seeking new forms of expression that transform traditional crafts into modern design. The collections carry items that are handcrafted in Africa following Fairtrade practices. In its creations the brand praises materials that are often not properly valued and gives them new life and meaning through design and combination with other materials.


We strive to infuse the eccentric beat of Africa into all of our pieces and to uplift local artists. We believe in sharing our technical knowledge, views of the world, artistic vision and design touch with our artistic partners taking in consideration their own unique viewpoint, need to improve and creating a SPACE where they can express their ideas. We try to put a little bit of one another into the pieces so that it has a touch of our separate souls


Zoya is a Mozambican lifestyle brand founded late 2019 dedicated to experiencing and creating beautiful things. Zoya creates unique fashion accessory pieces, that will live in your closet forever. Our current micro collections revolve around leather and velvet handbags. Zoya Home creates unique luxury decor homeware pieces that make you look twice. Our current collection revolves around cool and warm materials marble and brass.