Chombe Foods

Chombe Foods Limited is Malawi’s leading producer of well blend ed tea established in 1969. The company employees close to 100 people and sells its products in leading wholesale and retail out lets of Malawi. Its aim is to become the biggest food and beverage producing company in Malawi and the lest of the world whilst aiming at giving people the true taste of nature

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Mzuzu Coffee

We are a democratic and empowered Union of farmers. We produce our coffee with pride and care and we sell it with dignity and with knowledge and understanding of our markets and our customer needs Our 3000 member farmers (25% women) have been growing coffee since early 1930s. Our goal is to improve quality of life of our member farmers through sustainable farmer organisations by promoting sustainable, production, processing and marketing technologies.

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NALI Limited

NALI Limited is a family-owned food processing company that was founded in 1974 by the late, great, Alford Nali-lo Pakete Khoromana, who was from the Thyolo District in Malawi. The company was incorporated on 15th December, 1983 under the name, NALI Farms Limited, but the name changed to NALI Limited on 12th September 1985, as it is today. NALI Limited are the proud pioneers of production of Hot Chilli Sauces in Malawi, and have, since its inception trained countless farmers across Malawi and in the Milanje region of Mozambique, in the correct farming practices of planting, growing, harvesting and drying of chillies

Art-House Africa

Art-House Africa is an art company established in 2005 for the of purposes selling and promoting Malawian Arts. It acts as a hub for Malawian artists connecting them to prospective clients and vice versa. Art-House Africa is currently operating two Art galleries, based in Lilongwe, Malawi and works with more than 100 artists working in different media. The vision is to be the biggest provider of art by Malawian artists to the world.

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Dedza Pottery

Established in 1987, Dedza Pottery specializes in making high quality handmade ceramics and is the leading manufacturer in this industry in Malawi. Nestled in-between the foothills of Dedza Mountain and Banda Hill, Dedza Pottery products are handcrafted by skilled Malawian hands using locally sourced materials, making our products truly Malawian. Our company employs over 100 people and plays an important role in local communities and the country’s tourism. All of our pottery is designed for modern living and will add a unique touch to any hom

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Located outside Limbe in Blantyre, Malawi, Bangwe Factory employs approximately one hundred persons. A diversity of persons with hearing, visual and speech impairments, albinism and physical disabilities constitute 80 percent of the Factory’s employees. These men and women believe in ability; they believe in authentic products. With four departments namely weaving, tailoring, tie-dye and screen printing, the Factory produces unique and genuine hand woven tables and kitchen ware...

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Maleta Gems and Jewels

Maleta Gems and Jewels is an upcoming craft gemstone and jewellery firm based in Lilongwe, Malawi. Founded in 2009, Maleta Gems and Jewels closely works with small-scale mining cooperatives and associations to safeguard the environment and ensure sustainability of supplies. Prowess in handmade engagement and wedding rings, earrings, pendants and many more accessories, the portfolio now includes curios and wood furniture to meet diverse client tastes.

Nomonde designs,

We at Nomonde designs, manufacture exclusive and original outfits and accessories for women, men, children as well as interior and exterior home and corporate decor. We design and manufacture stylish laptop bags, backpacks, clutch bags, conference bags, tote bags and many more. Our products are also customized to our client’s specifications and tastes. Our Vision is to pursue excellence in combining with profitable growth and become a market leader in our sector. We strive to be a caring and well-managed organization for our business partners, customers and employees, and a responsible corporate citizen to our society

Royal Empress Designs

Royal Empress Designs is a sole proprietor business in textile and apparel located in Lilongwe, Malawi. Being in operation for 2 years, established in August 2018, the business has grown serving both individual and corporate institutions. The business serves to satisfy the desire for African couture coupled with a touch of quality and unique designs. Unlike other local tailoring businesses, it strives to provide the best quality of products efficiently and at affordable prices. The products being produced range from apparel, home textiles and technical textiles.

Sifa tailoring

Sifa tailoring started in 2013 in Lilongwe Malawi. We design and tailor clothes and uniforms for men, women and children. We make embroidery of all designs on clothes & hand-crafted bags. Apart from making attires for individuals, we also make graduation gowns for different colleges and universities for both local and international customers.

Zathu Arts & Crafts

Zathu Arts & Crafts is a social enterprise offering art, crafts, collectibles and souvenirs handmade by local Malawians. Founded by Lucy Mlia, our passion is in working with dedicated skilled local artisans who primarily make a living from art and craft. Zathu Arts & Crafts aims to transform the lives of a network of artisans while sharing Malawi’s treasured souvenirs with the world. We offer a wide variety of products such as tailored products & accessories, wooden carvings/ curios & toys, woven baskets and products, art and paintings, beaded animals/artifacts