Black Hair is a natural hair care line manufacturer, that focuses on encouraging people to embrace their hair and care for it in a healthy manner. Black Hair (BH) is an organic hair product supplier that encourages black women to appreciate and embrace their natural beauty through organizing networking hair parties, use and sale or organic hair products.

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florratt cosmetics

Floratt Cosmetics is an innovative, groundbreaking venture that utilizes indigenous plants to manufacture exquisite hair, skin and health products. The company began its cosmetics journey in 2015 in opening its first Factory in Maseru, Lesotho then later in Kya Sands, South Africa. Lesotho is well known for its fresh waters, fresh air and abundance of herbs like prickly pear, rosehip, aloe ferrox, agave and many more.

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We are a group of Basotho manufacturing cosmetics products using essential oil extracted from mohair called lanolin. Sebabatso Lanolin started with our founder, Thikhoi, personal search for a organic product to help with her eczema. In 2013 she was introduced to alternative treatments using herbs and natural medicines. From there she teamed up with Mr. Molise Ts’eole who helped develop the Sebabatso Lanolin Oil formula.

Hlogzie Stitches

Hlogzie Stitches is a woman owned company that makes fun fashion accessories using fabric and other materials to season any outfit and express unique lifestyles.

Maseru Tapestries and Mats

Maseru Tapestries and Mats is a cooperative of women weavers producing fine traditional fine weave frame loom tapestries made of mohair. Maseru Tapestries and Mats is a cooperative of women weavers producing fine traditional fine weave frame loom tapestries made of mohair. Maseru Tapestries specialises in production of:Blue Mountain tapestries in large, medium and small sizes, rugs, wall hangings, bags, coasters, wallets, place mats and scarves.

Leribe Craft Centre

Leribe Craft Centre is a handcraft project trains and employs women with disabilities in spinning, weaving, knitting and crocheting. The handicraft project produces unique handmade products of Lesotho mohair. These products include table mats and runners, ponchos, shoulder bags, purses, scarves, stoles, shawls, knee-rugs, small tapestries and cushion covers.

Handmade in Lesotho

Handmade in Lesotho (PTY) Limited is a private sector company that has been established as the sustainable result of the seven year craft sector development programme delivered through the Irish not for profit organization Action Lesotho. It is the central marketing and sales platform for 17 independently owned and run craft companies and act as a link for both the producers and the buyers

Sesiu consultants

Sesiu consultants is a marketing, research, strategy and leadership firm with a tripartite aim to boost rural economic development in Lesotho via arts and crafts, food security and tourism. Our foremost ambition is to impact and develop rural economic climate and the lives of rural citizens of Lesotho using natural capital so abundantly in the rural communities in Lesotho.

Rose Leather Works

Rose Leather Works produce a range of sheepskin slippers that can be considered therapy for your feet. All the leather products are handcrafted. Based in the capital city of Lesotho, Masero, Rose Leather Works also produce leather handbags, travel bags, cushions and coin purses. These products have been hand crafted from specially selected genuine leather and animal skin with a focus on quality, colour and texture. The products can be carefully cleaned with a damp cloth.


ZERI LEATHER is a leather goods brand that is wholly owned by JALAD AFRICA. The company is based in Lesotho and founded by 2 Basotho nationals. It started its operations in April 2018 and currently has a monthly capacity of approximately 250 bags. Our main products include a range of bags (men, ladies, laptops, side bags, etc), belts and wallets. The leather used is sourced mainly from Ethiopia with environmentally compliant production standards and sourcing hides mainly from poor communities.