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The handmade industry in Southern Africa is a vital contributor to the region's economy. This traditional form of arts and crafts generates substantial income and provides crucial support for our countries. Our organisation offers a wide range of handmade products, including but not limited to basket weaving, wood carving, beading, hand weaving and crocheting, pottery, and various other artisanal items. Our handmade sector boasts a team of over 15 skilled members.

Natural Cosmetics

The Southern African region has witnessed a remarkable growth in the Natural Cosmetics industry. Our organization's members are proud to offer a range of high-quality, natural, and eco-friendly products. Our esteemed members utilise natural ingredients such as fruits, pods, and other similar resources to fabricate wholesome products that are free of any negative effects on the human anatomy. Our company boasts a team of over 20 skilled professionals in the natural cosmetics industry.

Food Manufacturing

The food manufacturing industry is a crucial component of Africa's economy, and we are pleased to provide support and collaborate with food producers and manufacturers across nine countries in the region. Our members engage in the production of various food items without any modifications. The food products manufactured by our members are natural and nutritious. All members of our organisation engaged in food manufacturing adhere to the principles of fair trade and prioritise environmental protection.

Welcome To Fair & Square

FAIR & SQUARE is a non-political, non-discriminatory, non-governmental partnership based organisation.

Fair and Square is a non-political, non-discriminatory, non-governmental organisation which facilitates and advocates for the social-economic development of people and environmental justice.

Fair and Square was started in 2007 as Swaziland Fair Trade (SWIFT) to help grow the economy of Eswatini, create sustainable jobs which will bring economic justice and dignity work for our communities and creating an equitable space for women and youth economic empowerment.

In 2022, we rebranded from Swaziland Fair Trade to Fair and Square in line with constant changes in the corporate and commercial worlds that often necessitate a wide range of complex decisions and adaptations.

Fair and Square currently has a presence in eight African countries (South Africa, Zambia, Botswana, Lesotho, Namibia, Mozambique, Malawi, and Angola). We now boast of 189 companies throughout these countries, 87 of which are Eswatini-based. In addition to the handmade sector, Fair and Square has expanded into the natural cosmetics and food manufacturing sectors, giving us a new brand and reputation.

Our rebranding represents our solid foundation and long-term vision, which has been built over the years on the principles of practicing fair trade, integrity and honesty, social justice, equal voting rights by all fair trade network partners, respect for culture and heritage, and transparency. We believe that the stability and trust that come with this wealth of knowledge complement our desire to stay relevant to our network while also expanding into new markets. Our rebranding represents this sense of stability and balance, linking our past to our future.

Economic and social empowerment for all is something we are always focused on, but it is only an aspect of what inspires us. What it offers our network and us is even more powerful:
Emancipation; Hope; Happiness; Pride. These are the sentiments that will keep us going. Because when we work together to promote fair trade, we all benefit in more ways than one.

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Message from our Country Director


After arriving in Eswatini in 2002, I lived in a rural location where I saw our female craftsmen' amazing work. Basketry, weaving, home décor, and accessories were among the high-quality things these experienced artisans were making. We wanted to provide these excellent handmade artefacts to the globe by bridging the market gap. In 2002, women had the same legal standing as minor children, something I didn't realise. After being told I needed my spouse's consent to join the library, the idea came to me. I immediately saw that the assumption that women cannot read books without permission shows our society's inequality. It's crucial to solve this problem and create a future where women have equal possibilities. Our company is more female-centric because of this. Although the Constitution of 2006 guarantees women legal equality, economic development is the only way to really elevate women's standing in society. We must not forget our Fair Trade males, who are wonderful

In 2007, Fair & Square, formerly known as Swaziland Fair Trade, was established in direct response to World Fair Trade Chairperson Paul Meyer's call for the formation of Fair Trade Country Networks. As a company director, I am deeply committed to upholding Fair Trade and ethical practises in all aspects of our business operations. The integration of People, Planet, Profit as a central core value has been a fundamental aspect of the network we have been developing. Together with some of the leading handmade enterprises in Eswatini Ngwenya Glass, Tintsaba, Swazi Candles, Gone Rural, and Baobab Batik, we worked as volunteers to conduct a needs analysis of the handmade sector from the artisans and businesses. This gap analysis formed the basis of our project planning.

I am delighted to announce that our organisation has expanded its reach and is now a prominent regional NGO operating in nine African nations, with a membership base of 176. We are delighted to announce that out of the 176 enterprises, 87% are owned or led by women. I am consistently impressed by the exceptional quality and exquisite design of our members' handmade products, the delectable taste of their food and condiments, and the therapeutic benefits of their natural cosmetics. Their hard work, dedication, and commitment to making the world a fairer place are simply breath-taking.

Poverty will be eradicated if we work together as makers and consumers, governments and communities. Ensuring economic justice will remain a fundamental aspect of our core values.

I would like to extend my gratitude to each and every individual, be it our esteemed partners, generous donors, or unwavering supporters, who have accompanied us on this remarkable journey.

Julie Nixon
Fair & Square Country Director


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