Export Market Mentoring

Frequently, entrepreneurs engage in diverse and intricate businesses, and some of them are novices in the business world. In addition to the fact that women are also the owners of new businesses, there is a need for capacity building to improve small and medium-sized businesses' abilities and competence in regards to exporting their goods. In order to overcome the difficulties that new businesses face in this export market, they also need some form of assistance.

The Fair and Square Export Mentoring Programme facilitates women who are new to exporting, and our mentors are eager to assist those who are completely inexperienced in the exporting sector.

Small business proprietors who are new to exporting receive assistance and training until their companies are export-ready.

Through this export market mentoring, individuals or businesses acquire essential export business management skills and competencies. This is accomplished by utilising curriculum specially designed by our partners, such as TFSA.

In addition to the capacity-building programme, the export mentoring programme also includes product development and branding, connections to manufacturers, export market development, packaging development, export pricing and costing, logistics, and supply chain management.

The targeted businesses can be at various phases of their development and export journey, so the one-on-one meetings can be tailored to their needs. During the mentoring session, a company owner receives guidance that is specifically designed for them. Mentors can provide guidance on how to overcome immediate obstacles or accomplish particular objectives.

The following are the main skills in which our expert coaches specialise in Export Market Mentoring:

  • Export Readiness
  • Export Coaching
  • Production Planning
  • Export Mentoring
  • Export Logistics and Documentation
  • The Fair and Square Export Market Mentoring Programme is thus designed to give small and medium businesses an inside track into procedural changes in international trade as well as focus on key opportunity markets for exporters.