Botswanacraft was established in 1970 by the Botswana Development Corporation to develop the rural based handmade industry of the country. The company has grown to be Botswana’s largest retailer and exporter of handmade products. Privately owned since 1993 the company now directly employs over forty citizens and indirectly creates work for numerous rural craft producers throughout the country. Botswanacraft complements locally made products by importing handmade products from the Southern African region and other developing countries.


The baskets are made from leaf fibres of mokola palm trees native to this region. They are adorned with various patterns created by interweaving colored leaves dyed with indigenous plants. Each basket is painstakingly handwoven by trained and skilled hands. The basket weavers are primarily subsistence farmers. The income from the sales of baskets contributes towards the basic needs of households such as food and education


Gantsi Craft Trust (GCT), a producer owned and led craft production enterprise exists to contribute to the livelihood security of Botswana’s San communities. Through the sustainable use of natural resources, San cultural heritage has been preserved while craft producers have generated income


A Premium producer of uniquely made natural handmade Indigenous Botswana artifacts using mokolwane palm (the palm tree fibre commonly used in basket weaving) and leather as well as various materials close to nature. We infuse the art and culture of Botswana as well as Africa while preserving our heritage, thereby re-enforcing our indigenous knowledge systems within the modern societies.


House of Divinity is a bespoke semi-precious stone Jewellery brand. Each piece carries a pleasant marriage of contemporary designs and African Influences. They source their raw materials largely from the African continent and thus have a Pan African approach to their supply chain and Ethos


The Jwana Art and Craft Centre is a rural community based project comprising of women based Jwaneng, Botswana. The project is proudly supported by Debswana Jwaneng Mine as part of the mine’s Socio Economic Development and Corporate Social Investment programme. The mine’s approach seeks to build sustainable communities through enterprise development and strengthening alternative livelihoods of vulnerable and marginalized women, unemployed youth and people living with disabilities from the area of Influence


The Kapatura Creative Arts is a community business under the Kaputura Innovation Center made up of Kaputura villagers to produce elephant dung paper products, elephant aware products and also sell their packaged cultural activities. The Kaputura innovation center on the one end a community empowerment project of Kaputura Village Development Committee which serves as a place where community members meet to develop appropriate technologies and businesses for their community benefit. It is supported by These Hands GSSE, MIT D-Lab and Ecoexist.


Lebang Setso Leather Crafters is a 100% Batswana owned company based in the small village of Taung , just outside Gaborone, the capital city of Botswana. The company was established in 2009 to utilize the abundant raw hide available from the country’s rich beef industry. The skins are all vegetable tanned to produce eco-friendly vibrant leather. Lebang setso leather products are vibrant and exciting with a high influence in sharing the culture of Batswana through the intricate handstiching and the exciting colors used to make their products.


Travel for Impact established the Economic Empowerment Program (EEP) in 2017 in order to address livelihoods a n d female empowerment in Ngamiland. EEP aims to address seasonal and erratic income in female- headed households by identifying and expanding entry-points into the tourism value chain, enabling women to become self-sufficient. Each product is customizable to fit buyer needs and preferences. Within our producer network, EEP is also able to outsource production for a wide range of other products should you be looking for something specific. O


Women in Business Association (WIBA) Botswana is a Non-Governmental Organization which was formed in 1990 through the initiative of Business Botswana and some few smalL scale businesswomen. WIBA was created as a forum where local business women from all business sectors could meet to share ideas and to tackle those problems that are unique to women and of course that inhibit the success of their enterprises


Divine Morula is a female owned business, that at the start produced Morula Nut oil for its sister company Divine Scents, which manufactures a range of body products like Morula lip balm, body scrub, body lotion and butter and hair cream. Morula fruit is very tasty, and loved by many and a lot of animals. Through all the oil processing we understood the high nutritional value of the fruit and focussed on utilizing the Morula Pulp.


Maungo Craft is a multi Award-Winning company that started in 2017. They make Handcrafted, Artisinal, Preserves, Hot Sauces and Syrups that are Natural and incredibly flavourful. Maungo Craft plugs into a value chain by up-cycling indigenous foods such as Morula and Baobab that are typically underutilized, and they pair them with contemporary flavours giving you the most unique flavour profiles


Sheroo beverages a 100% natural beverage made from pounded roots of Motlopi tree (Shepard Tree).The product is produced in Kolonkwaneng, Kgalagadi South, Botswana by Dina Motlopi Beverages Pty Ltd. The beverage is caffeine free and is suitable for all ages. National Food Technology Research Centre (NFTRC) has already done research on the beverage and positively established its nutritional value and shelf life.


Blue Pride is a family run business operating in the natural products industry in Botswana since 2017. It was borne out of the realisation of the vast abundance of natural plant diversity in Botswana, on one hand and recognition of the growing demand for “ ALL THINGS NATURAL AND ORGANIC “ In the developed world. Natural Seed oils - Blue Pride manufactures 100% Natural, Cold pressed Seed oils (Marula. Mongongo, Baobab and Kalahari Melon seed oils).


Organic Natural Skincare is a manufacturing company in Botswana that produces skincare products using indigenous plants found in Sub-Saharan Africa such as Morula and Moringa to retain skin moisture and heal pigmentation. Our products are definitely Natures love letter to you through us. We simply infuse Science and the knowledge our Women Morula Gathers Collect to tell this Botswana Tale using Skincare.