Business Development Coaching

The current business environment requires much higher levels of effectiveness from organisational entities and individuals. As a result, business owners have to motivate both themselves and their peers towards achieving significant objectives and effecting genuine change in typically compressed time frames. This is where expert coaches from Fair and Square appear to help create and implement possibilities for development within and between women-owned organisations and obtaining positive outcomes in local and emerging enterprises.

As business development coaches, we are responsible for these main roles:

  • Assistance in defining long-term and short-term business objectives
  • Small business development and viability planning
  • Professional guidance to assist our partners in gaining invaluable insight
  • Development and modification of a variety of business operations duties
  • Goal-setting responsibility in partner organisations
  • The four categories of business development are as follows:

  • Value: Establishing value that is maintained over time
  • Customers: Are the individuals who purchase the products or services you offer.
  • Markets: This is where your intended consumers reside. How daring you are in this category will determine your business's growth.
  • Commercial Product Marketing and Distribution
  • Relationships: Developing and handling relationships based on mutual confidence, regard, and value satisfaction
  • The emphasis of Fair and Square's business development and mentoring is on:

  • Setting up young and female entrepreneurs to feel more at ease when sourcing new consumers locally and internationally,
  • Assisting businesses in developing and understanding their own Business Development using the four categories highlighted above.
  • Incorporating business development into your daily routine until it becomes second nature.
  • Most startup entrepreneurs have no idea how to sell to the ideal consumer or expand their consumer market, despite possessing a well-developed set of skills and a quality product or service.

    Thus, Fair and Square Business Development Coaches assist women and youth-led businesses in transitioning from their current state to their desired state, thereby enhancing their knowledge and skill sets.