Galinha do Kikolo

The Handmade Group Galinha do Kikolo in Luanda (Angola) works to promote the dignity of people with physical disabilities. All artisans are disabled and most of them are victims of polio. These chickens are made by young artisans who seek to be part of society working for a decent life and for a better future.

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Ima Artesã is a registered and certified Angolan brand, producing and selling handcrafted items. Its forerunner is Immaculate Minguêns, artisan for 33 years. The Ima-Artesã brand has been in existence for 2 years, it is a family project where the mother, cousins and children work, from the production of the items to the sale.


Brand “Maria Duarte” was created in 2011, when a daughter of father architect and mother artist decided to swop life to art and creation after successful career in marketing. It started as handmade jewellery, made with passion to semiprecious stones and expanded to hand painted wooden items, such as traditional African baobabs and wooden accessories & furniture.


BaObab - is a young and dynamic brand, created in Angola. We are thrilled about uniqueness of African flora and all unbelievable features of its plants and trees, with its true king - BaObab tree (that’s how the brand name was chosen! Still many African fruits, herbs, plants with all their nutritional and healing effects are not studied well enough by scientists, not recognized worldwide and partially disregarded by younger African generations. We invite you to join us for amazing journey, discovering incredible force, hidden in African flora!


Foodcare is a vegetable processing factory, in Angolan marketing since December 2020. With a consistent goal to deliver high quality national products to its costumer. It has 14 products in its portfolio. It all started with the need to eradicated the food insecurity of our traditional products. Our food for many years has been considered indigenous food due to the poor treatment they usually receive, but for the love of our national food and lack of options, we always resorted to informal markets without caring about the way it is prepared.


Founded in 2018, Nutriboty Angola is an angolan company that produces and distributes organic essential and carrier oils in B2B and B2C markets. Our goal is to promote health through the power of plants for a healthier, more natural, sustainable and equitable world. All plants are produced in Angola, in a purely organic way in our own farms and in partnership with several local Angolan farmers. We value the wild and native species of the Angolan forests, protecting them, safeguarding the landscape and natural resources, and above all, creating natural products able to improve and positively impact the lives of those who trust in our brand.